He thought it was funny to get an 8-year-old high. Her story changed my life.

  1. 9.1% of the US population has resolved an alcohol or other drug problem according to the Recovery Research Institute.(1) That means you and I know more people in recovery than we would have ever dreamed. There’s nearly a one in ten chance that statistic includes you.
  2. Through my 16 years in a Fortune 20 company, I worked with some of the world’s most intelligent and influential people. But I’ve never worked with a more amazing group than the women in recovery that I work with now. Being in active addiction is hard. To survive this, you must be tenacious, creative, and strategic. Those skills can be harnessed for incredible workplace impact. That work ethic, when channeled in the right direction, makes for one incredible employee.
  3. Hiring people in recovery makes economic sense — for business and for the community. Hiring someone in recovery saves a business nearly $10,000 in the first year. The National Safety Council reports that employees in recovery miss 13.7 fewer days of work per year than their peers according to the National Safety Council.(2) According to former Surgeon General Dr. Adams, “The rhythm and community of work is so important to people in recovery that they are rarely absent.” Recently one of our employees cried on the way home from vacation. Not because she was sad that it was over, but because she was so glad to get back to her community of peers at work. As we solve the addiction relapse cycle that is so common, we can conservatively demonstrate a positive economic contribution to the community of nearly $150,000 annually for every woman we employ. In addition to the financial impact, it is reported that people in recovery are twice as likely to serve their community as a volunteer than their peers.
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Kelly Lyndgaard

Kelly Lyndgaard

Social Entrepreneur. Ambassador of Possibility. Founder and CEO of Unshattered.